CET exceptions

Our CET exceptions policy sets out the principles the Registrar will apply in deciding whether a registrant can remain on the register without having met their CET requirements, to ensure decisions are made in a fair and consistent manner.

If you have not met your CET requirements and believe that you are able to demonstrate that you took all reasonable steps to meet them but were unable to complete these due to exceptional circumstances beyond your control, it is open to you to apply to remain on the register. The Registrar will consider your circumstances and determine whether public protection can be maintained by you remaining on the register. 

Please refer to this policy for guidance:

CET Exceptions Policy

Begin your application

We will not be able to consider exceptional circumstances without this form being completed.

Please note: applications should not be submitted before 1 January 2022. The Registrar cannot make any decisions before the end of the CET cycle. We expect registrants to make every effort to complete their CET requirements. Our CET cycle is for a three-year period, and all applications will be considered by reference to your ability to undertake CET over the three years and meet the CET requirements.

In making applications under this policy, you must demonstrate that you had intended to meet the CET requirements and explain why you were prevented from doing so. Where possible, applications should be supported by appropriate evidence to demonstrate exceptional circumstances, for example, an employer’s letter confirming length of maternity, paternity or adoption leave, a doctor’s letter (such as a hospital discharge letter) in applications involving serious ill health of self or a close family member, or a death certificate in applications involving the death of a close family member.

If you require assistance in completing this form, reasonable adjustments in making your application, or information in relation to your CET requirements, please contact our CET team on 020 7307 9488 or cet@optical.org or access your CET record on MyCET. Once we have received a completed application form, we aim to acknowledge it within three working days.