Knowledge Hub / Information Exchange for GOC Specialist Qualifications

We are looking to appoint an organisation or a group of organisations (a consortia bid) to develop, manage and lead a knowledge exchange / information hub (‘hub’) to facilitate knowledge-led collaborations within the optical sector. The purpose of the hub is to support programme leaders and academic faculty in their design of qualifications to meet our updated requirements for qualification approval for entry to the GOC specialist register.

The hub will have a limited lifespan, commencing once the contract is awarded (December 2022) and closing once providers of currently approved and provisionally approved qualifications have migrated into the new system (July 2025).

We have an approved budget of up to £69,900 for the full 2.5 year term of the hub’s lifespan (including VAT if charged and all other contractor costs). Proposals over £69,900 will not be considered.

The deadline for proposals is 10 am on 5 December 2022. See the full request for proposal for more information.