Invitation to tender: Patient and public perceptions of the GOC’s standards of practice

We are looking to commission a research agency to carry out a piece of qualitative research on patient and public perceptions of our standards of practice. This will involve designing and conducting the research, and then analysing and reporting on the findings.

The research, alongside our own internal research activities and other evidence, will inform the GOC's review of our Standards for Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians and Standards for Optical Students

We are seeking the views of patients and the public on the following topics:
• the use of social media and online conduct;
• maintaining appropriate professional and sexual boundaries;
• the use of technology to provide care;
• delegation and supervision; and
• whether there are any other topics which should be covered in our standards.

We have an approved budget of up to a total cost of £50,000 including VAT
and all other contractor costs.

The deadline for tenders is 5 pm on Wednesday 24 May 2023.

Read the full Invitation to tender document.