Registration fees

We are funded entirely from registrants’ fees. We do not receive any other income or additional funding from other sources, such as the Government.

See our Registration Fee Rules for more information.

The 2022-23 registration fee

The registration and annual renewal fee for optometrists, dispensing opticians and businesses is £360. If you are transferring from the student register, then you will pay £360 plus a transfer fee of £40.

The registration fee and annual student renewal fee is £30.

The fees are pro-rated dependent on which quarter you are registering. A low-income fee is available if you have an annual income from all sources of less than £16,000. The low-income fee rate for 2022/23 is £260.


Refunds will be issued if you:

  • Apply for retention of your registration and subsequently decide to retire or withdraw from the register, provided that notification is received by 31 March. 
  • Pay by direct debit but are removed from the register for failure to apply for retention of registration. Refunds will normally be issued one month after the date of removal from the register. If you restore to the register prior to this date you will have the option to pay only the additional restoration fee.

Refunds will not be issued if:

  • Payment is processed on the basis of incorrect information supplied with the application for registration, retention or restoration, including false confirmations of having met the CET requirement.
  • You are retained on the register after 1 April, irrespective of whether or not you have been practising during the relevant period.
  • You are a student retained on the register after 1 September, irrespective of whether or not you have been training or practising during the relevant period.