Transfer registers as a student

Student registrants can apply to transfer between the optometry and dispensing optician student registers, if they have decided to switch professions.

How to transfer

  • Before you begin your application read the important information, provided below, in full. It will save you time and help you complete your application.
  • Complete the application form to transfer registers.
Information you will need to transfer registers

To complete this application form you will need:

  • Contact information, including your home address
  • Current GOC number
  • Details on the education establishment you have transferred to and the date that you restarted your studies
  • Details of any declarations you may need to make about your fitness to train. Find out more about when and how to make a declaration

Please do not begin this application without having this information available as you will not be able to complete it. You are not able to save progress on this form.

How long it will take us to process your application

Once we have received your correctly completed form we will confirm your enrolment with your new educational establishment.

For applications received between 15 August - 31 October they will be processed by the end of October. Your educational establishment is aware of this timeframe. At any other time of year your application will be processed within five working days of receipt of your form. 

If there are any mistakes in your application we may cancel it and request that you re-submit correctly

Once an application is confirmed

You will receive an email confirming your transfer and your new GOC number.

What happens if you don't transfer
  • You will be breaking the law.
  • You will not be able to sit your examinations.
  • We may not recognise your qualifications when you apply to join the full register.
  • You may be removed from the student register completely as you will no longer be associated with your previous educational establishment.

If you are not already on a student register

If you are not on a student register but have been on one previously and wish to re-join the same register you need to complete a student restoration form.

If you are not on a student register but have been on one previously and wish to join the other student register, you need to complete a student registration form.