How we approve new programmes

We welcome expressions of interest from providers seeking to establish new optical education provision fully or partially leading to a registrable qualification in optometry, ophthalmic dispensing, therapeutic prescribing or contact lens optics.

Education providers seeking to establish a new optical education qualification should contact us at

The expression of interest should include, as a minimum:

  • The name of the provider;
  • The title of the proposed qualification;
  • The name(s) of the qualification lead and senior management; and
  • The proposed start date for the qualification.

As of March 2021, any new optometry and ophthalmic dispensing qualifications must meet our new Requirements for Approved Qualifications in Optometry and Dispensing Optics.

As of January 2022, any new qualifications in additional supply (AS), supplementary prescribing (SP) and independent prescribing (IP) must meet our updated education and training Requirements for Approved Qualifications in Additional Supply (AS), Supplementary Prescribing (SP) and/or Independent Prescribing (IP).

As of March 2022, any new qualifications for contact lens opticians must meet our updated Requirements for Approved Qualifications for Contact Lens Opticians