Past hearings

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Past hearings


June 2022
09 June 2022 Nirmal Koasha 4th IOR summary
14 June 2022 Richard Carr IO Application summary 
29 June 2022 Stewart Clough 1st IOR summary
May 2022


4 May Lokesh Prabhakar 5th IOR summary
6 May Amar Iqbal 1st IOR summary
9 May  Mark Saynor Reg Appeal
12 May Simon Rose  1st IOR summary 
13 May  Arminder Panesar 10th IOR summary 
13 May  Omer Arshad 2nd IOR summary
17 May  Christopher Parrish

8th IOR summary

20 May Sean Hughes

IO summary

23 May Sam Silver

IO Summary

23 May Zarcur Dard

Substantive (APD)

25 May Matthew Bickerstaffe

1st IOR summary

26 May John Watson

2nd IOR summary

30 May Mary Docherty

Substantive (APD)

31 May  Satnam Bansal

1st IOR summary

April 2022
21 April Priyal Patel IO decision summary
13-14 April Mark Davis Substantive decision
20 April Zahir Ibrahim 9th IOR decision summary
March 2022
02 March 2022 Aisha Hussain IO Application
16 March 2022 Ashraf Patel IO Application summary
17 March 2022 Alan Henderson IO Application Summary
18 March 2022 Gary Marshall 2nd IOR Summary
25 March 2022 Scott Brown IO Application Summary
31 March 2022 Keith Coakham 1st IOR summary
February 2022
11 February 2022 Ross Hutcheson 8th IOR summary 
17 February 2022 Andrew Maynard IO Application summary 
29 Feb - 1 Mar 2022 Shahid Sujawal Substantive (APD)
January 2022
04 Jan 2022

Mehdi Azizi

 Registration Appeal
06 Jan 2022  Ajay Patel  1st Substantive Review
11 Jan 2022 Haroon Zubair 1st Substantive Review
4-13 Oct 21 & 10-12 Jan 2022 Angelina Bhopal Substantive 
13 Jan 2022 Zahir Ibrahim 8th IOR Summary
18 Jan 2022 Sarah Morris Substantive Review 
July 2022
5 July 2022 Mariam Haling IO Application


November 2021
15 - 17 Nov 21 Jane Lai  Substantive
23 Nov 2021 Roger Lee Substantive Review Summary
October 2021
26 Oct 2021 Syed Shah Substantive Review Decision
September 2021
23 Sep  Malti Amin  Substantive review 
29 Sep Haroon Amin Substantive review
August 2021


4-5 Aug John Rajnath Substantive summary
27 Aug David Mensah Restoration Summary Review
July 2021


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