Future hearings

Due to the current COVID-19 emergency and in line with government directions, the majority of our public and private hearings will no longer be held at our London office. Where possible, we will hold remote virtual hearings either by teleconference, video-link or on the papers.

Rule 25(1) requires that substantive hearings must be held in public. To fulfil this, we will provide a dial-in link to our virtual public hearings in order that interested parties can attend.

The way in which hearing dates are set is described in the GOC Guidance for Case Management Meetings.

Dates of future hearings

Information on future hearings will available at least a month in advance, where available. 




4 July - 8 July
18 July - 22 July 
25 July - 29 July

Honey Rose
Remitted Substantive notice
7 July  Frederick Kimsey Substantive notice (resuming)
11-13 July Rob Lamont Substantive notice
14-15 July John Snelgrove Substantive notice
18-19 July Ross Hutcheson Substantive notice
21 July John Rajnath 1st Sub Review notice

26 July

Angelina Bhopal Sub review notice

27 July

Andrew Maynard 1st IOR notice 


1-2 Aug Mohammed Nawaz Substantive notice
2 Aug Ross Hutcheson 9th IOR notice
9 Aug Christopher Hurst  Substantive notice (resuming)
8-12 Aug John Asuen Substantive notice

8 Aug - 12 Aug
22 Aug - 26 Aug

Zahir Ibrahim Substantive notice

15-26 Aug

Khairul Rahman Substantive notice

15-26 Aug

Sania Shah Substantive notice

30-31 Aug

Zbigniew Ashleigh Substantive notice


5-13 Sept

Michael Moon Substantive notice

19-22 Sept

Manjinder Singh Substantive notice

19-23 Sept

Jitesh Gadher Substantive notice

21-23 & 26-30 Sept

Naseem Suleman Substantive notice