GOC welcomes guidance from The College of Optometrists on Leicester and Scotland

We welcome the latest guidance from The College of Optometrists for registrants in Leicester and Scotland.


The Secretary of State for Health has announced stricter lockdown measures in Leicester for a two-week period due to a rise in COVID-19 cases in the city.

The College has issued a number of recommendations for members and optical practices in the area.


Scotland has moved into the amber phase of recovery from the pandemic which means that all four UK nations are in the amber phase. This is a significant step in restoring primary eye care services across the UK.

There are still some differences in how care will be delivered and prioritised across the nations, so please refer to the College’s recovery guidance and recovery phase table, in conjunction with each nation’s advice.

For all of the latest guidance, please visit The College of Optometrists’ COVID-19 hub.