Love Your Lenses Week: Watch the Land The Message video

Love Your Lenses Week (23-30 March) begins this weekend and this year the focus is on helping practitioners to ‘land the message’ of good contact lens aftercare with their patients.

In support of the week we've produced a short informational video that explains the Land The Message project and provides a few examples of how practitioners can more effectively deliver contact lens aftercare advice.

The video features the three tools we created as a result of the Land the Message project, which explored how practitioners can use behavioural science to increase the effectiveness of contact lens advice. The tools consist of a visual aid, pre-appointment questionnaire and life-style based questions.

Watch the video and learn more about how the tools can be used.

Love Your Lenses webinar – 25 March

On Monday 25 March at 17:00 there will be a Love Your Lenses interactive webinar to discuss how practitioners can better 'land the message' about contact lens aftercare advice, using the three tools we have developed. The webinar will last about half an hour and there will also be a Q&A session at the end.

Sign up for the webinar.

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