New issue of FtP FOCUS bulletin launched

Today we’ve launched the next edition of FtP FOCUS, our learning bulletin for registrants on the fitness to practise process.

This edition focuses on the second stage of the case progression process, investigation. As well as explaining the process in detail, we’ve included four case studies to help registrants better understand the process, as well as relevant Standards of Practice and suggested Continuing Education and Training (CET) competencies.

We’ve also included interviews with one of our Senior Investigation Officers and our in-house Clinical Advisors to provide insight into their roles during investigation.

The first edition of FtP FOCUS was published in December 2020, and was introduced to dispel myths about the FtP process by providing insight into the types of concerns we receive and how we assess them at every stage of investigation.

You can download this latest edition, as well as the first edition on the triage stage, from our website.

The next edition will focus on Case Examiners, the third stage of the case progression process, and will be published this summer.