Public Statement about The University of Portsmouth's Optometry Programme

As the regulator of the optical professions our role is to set standards for optical education and training and ensure GOC accredited courses meet our requirements.

The University of Portsmouth will not be admitting any new students this term as a condition of the Optometry Programme’s continuing provisional approval.

We hope that this will enable the University to focus their resources on addressing our outstanding concerns. Students in years 2, 3 and 4 are unaffected by this decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many students will be affected by this decision?

The University of Portsmouth has confirmed that 9 prospective students will no longer be able to commence the optometry programme and will be supported to find places elsewhere.

Does the GOC have any responsibility for those students?

No. The University of Portsmouth is solely responsible for the programme and the welfare of its students. The University is required by the Office for Students to effectively implement their Student Protection Plan. The university have informed us that that plan is now being implemented.

What will the GOC do to help students impacted by the student recruitment?

In order to place affected students into other optometry programmes, we will temporarily lift our cap on student numbers for any providers who offer fully approved GOC courses to accommodate these students. We will fast-track all registration applications for all students who transfer to other GOC-approved optometry courses.

Where can students go for help or queries?

We would encourage students affected by our decision to contact the University in the first instance.

What does this decision mean for current students?

Current students in years 2, 3 and 4 remain unaffected by this decision. Provisional approval in still in place for the programme.

The GOC expects the university to address our concerns and we will be conducting our next quality assurance visit in November 2019.