SPOKE releases Project Four – Supervision Guidance

The Sector Partnership for Optical Knowledge and Education (SPOKE) has published the output of its fourth project.

SPOKE is a cross-sector collaboration funded by the General Optical Council (GOC), led by The College of Optometrists, and managed by a steering group comprising representatives from the College, the Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) and the Optometry Schools Council (OSC).

Its fourth output - Supervision Guidance - has been developed in consultation with a wide range of sector stakeholders, and reflects the current consensus on the characteristics of good practice in the supervision of pre-registration clinical and experiential learning. The project focuses on how we can build on and enhance current practice in supervision during the transition to the new GOC Education and Training Requirements (ETR), taking into consideration emerging needs, constraints and opportunities for the profession.

Professor Lizzy Ostler, Director of Education for The College of Optometrists, says: “I am delighted to see this guidance published. It was developed through SPOKE’s iterative and collaborative writing methodology, drawing on expertise from both course and placement providers, and captures the opportunities presented by a multi professional environment, whilst offering accessible solutions for supporting learners in smaller practices.  It offers thinking on risk management and communication and training, for supervisors, and should help the whole sector ensure the next generation of optical professionals is developed to become safe and effective practitioners”.

Samara Morgan, GOC Head of Education and CPD Development, said: “We welcome the publication of this guidance and would like to thank everyone involved who offered their time and expertise. This guidance is an important step as part of the transition to the new ETR, as it takes into account new ways of working and will help instil confidence amongst supervisors as they prepare future optical professionals.”

Work is also underway on SPOKE project five. This project, titled ‘Developing autonomy in student optical professionals’, considers how students can best be encouraged and supported to become autonomous practitioners, and what kinds of mentorship and preceptorship might continue to support that journey into roles undertaken as a new registrant. It will be published later in the year.

You can find out more information about SPOKE on the website: www.spokehub.org.uk alternatively, you can contact SPOKE via email: spokehub@college-optometrists.org