Updates made to Information Governance framework

Following an annual review of our information governance (IG) policies, we have made some important updates to our Disclosure Policy and Data Retention Schedule Policy. 

Disclosure Policy updates 

The following updates have been made to our Disclosure Policy:  

  • Made clear that consent must be obtained in a written format.  
  • We’ve made several changes as to how we approach appeals. This includes marking determinations on our website where an appeal has been lodged for transparency. 
  • All erasure decisions will now be published for 5 years unless a restoration application has been approved by the Committee. This is in line with our statutory obligations where a restoration application can be submitted 22 months after erasure. 
  • We have now incorporated tables outlining all possible outcomes of hearings, so the public know what to expect to see on our website once a hearing has concluded. 
  • Where determinations are still showing on internet search engine results after we have removed them from our website, individuals will need to contact the search engine directly to have those removed. However, where a determination is inadvertently published, we will contact the search engine directly. 

Data Retention Schedule Policy updates 

  • Our new retention schedule provides a comprehensive framework on how we process data at the GOC.  
  • The updates include the addition of further retention schedules for different departments, in accordance with best practice across the regulatory sector, industry guidance and legislation. 

For more information, see our Information Governance Framework and Handbook. If you have any questions, please contact our Governance team on IG@optical.org