How the guidance applies to you

  1. This document gives guidance on how to meet the GOC’s standard on consent. It does not create new requirements or give legal advice.
  2. The word ‘must’ indicates a mandatory requirement, for example, registrants must comply with the law and must meet the GOC’s standards.
  3. You should use your professional judgement to apply this guidance to your own practice and the variety of settings in which you might work.
  4. If you are not sure about how to proceed in a specific situation, you should ask for advice from appropriate professional colleagues, your employer, your professional indemnity insurance provider, your professional or representative body, or obtain independent legal advice.
  5. Student optometrists and student dispensing opticians should also seek advice from their tutor, supervisor or training provider.
  6. In some circumstances gaining consent can be delegated to other colleagues. However, you remain responsible for ensuring valid consent has been given, even if other staff members are involved in the process of gaining consent.