Making a complaint about the General Optical Council

We aim to provide the best possible service, but we do not always get it right.

Complaints are an important and useful source of feedback about how we have performed and how we can improve in future.

When things go wrong

When things go wrong we will acknowledge our mistakes and try to put things right. We promise that we will not treat you unfairly because you have raised a complaint with us.

Your complaint should be made to the person you have been dealing with because they will usually be the best person to resolve the matter. If you feel unable to do this, or you have tried and were unsuccessful, you can contact us and ask for our Compliance team or email them directly so they can guide you through our process.

Acceptable Behaviour when communicating with the GOC policy

This policy provides guidance on how the GOC will handle unacceptable and unreasonable behaviour towards our employees carrying out their duties. This behaviour may be through phone, written communication and face to face conversation. It explains what is deemed unacceptable and unreasonable and what processes are put in place to manage this.