Our strategic plan

Our ‘Fit for the future’ strategy for 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2025 describes what we plan to do over the next five years to achieve our vision of being recognised for delivering world-class regulation and excellent customer service.

The three main strategic objectives are:

  • Delivering world-class regulatory practice
  • Transforming customer service
  • Building a culture of continuous improvement

Download a copy of our 'Fit for the Future' strategic plan for more information.

Business Plan 2023-24

Our 2023-24 Business Plan marks the fourth year of our ‘Fit for the Future’ strategic plan. Within this Business Plan, we highlight some of the key work programmes we aim to deliver this year to achieve our vision set out in the strategic plan.

This includes work to protect the public and uphold public confidence in the professions and businesses we regulate, with a renewed focus on offering high quality services to our registrants, and supporting eye-care professionals to contribute to their full professional capability in the best interests of patients. It also sets out how we are preparing for regulatory reform and investing in our organisation so it is 'fit for the future'.

Read the 2023-24 Business Plan and Budget.