Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest information

GOC guidance

We are fortunate that in all four countries of the United Kingdom we have a group of well qualified eye care professionals that can be relied on by the general public and fellow healthcare professionals.

Our Standards for Optical Businesses include the following standards to ensure that patient safety is always prioritised:

  • Standard 1.1 Patients can expect to be safe in your care
  • Standard 1.2 Patient care is delivered in a suitable environment
  • Standard 3.1 Your staff are able to exercise their professional judgement

Corresponding standards are also present in the Standards for Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians and the Standards for Optical Students.

We realise that some of our own legislation and regulations may prevent care being delivered effectively during the pandemic. To address this, we’ve published statements to remove any unnecessary regulatory barriers and to reassure our registrants and the sector that we will support them when they act in good conscience and exercise professional judgement for the public benefit.

COVID-19 statements consultation 

In October 2020, we opened a consultation on the content and impact of our COVID-19 statements and the possibility of aligning them with The College of Optometrists’ red-amber-green classification system. Following the consultation, in May 2021, we decided to align all of our statements to The College’s red-amber-green system. This means our statements now clearly indicate on the front page of the statements the phase of the pandemic in which they apply.

Joint regulatory statements

GOC statements covering internal regulatory processes and provision of CET

GOC statements covering explanation of legislation/expectations

GOC statements covering legislative easements

Previous GOC statements that no longer apply

Risk assessment

We have completed an assessment on the risk of contracting COVID-19 associated with working in or visiting our office. The assessment will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

If you are a registrant, please contact your professional association for further advice: