Optical Consumer Complaints Service

About the Optical Consumer Complaints Service

We fund the Optical Consumer Complaints Service (OCCS), which is a free and independent service that provides mediation for consumers (patients) and professionals in the optical care sector. The service is provided by Nockolds and the OCCS is entirely impartial and considers each complaint fairly. Our relationship with the OCCS also ensures that all mediations are governed and informed by the latest regulations.

A service designed to prevent unnecessary escalation, the OCCS provides the opportunity for parties to clearly communicate their complaints and engage in a dialogue that is focussed on reaching a mutually satisfactory resolution.

The process

Highly accessible, consumers and professionals are able to reach out to the OCCS online, in writing, and over the phone. With various language and support options available, individuals can visit the OCCS website for clear guidance on how to submit their complaint.  

Once a complaint has been submitted, the OCCS will make contact to discuss what has happened and if there have been any efforts to resolve the complaint prior to their submission. Having established the facts of the case, the OCCS will then review the complaint in detail to ensure that it is suitable for it to be mediated by the service.

In the event that the complaint is appropriate for mediation, the OCCS will request that the complainant provide a signed consent form that allows for their optician to provide all of their relevant personal information.

Following this stage of the process, the OCCS will contact the optician to identify whether the complaint can be resolved immediately. Should this prove impossible, and if the OCCS has determined that the complaint is suitable for mediation, an Agreement to Mediate will be sent to the complainant to ensure that permission is obtained for accessing all records and documents relating to the complaint.

Once the documents have been reviewed, the OCCS will prepare for mediation and identify the areas of agreement and disagreement to plan the most effective mediation. By clearly suggesting ways for a satisfactory resolution to be reached, the OCCS will then mediate the dialogue to achieve a mutually agreeable outcome to be reached and confirmed in writing.

To find out more or to contact the OCCS, simply visit the contact page.