Future hearings

The majority of our public and private hearings are no longer being held at our London office. Where possible, we will hold remote virtual hearings either by teleconference, video-link or on the papers.

Rule 25(1) requires that substantive hearings must be held in public. To fulfil this, we will provide a dial-in link to our virtual public hearings in order that interested parties can attend.

The way in which hearing dates are set is described in the GOC Guidance for Case Management Meetings.

Dates of future hearings

Information on future hearings will available at least a month in advance, where available. 




24-25 & 27-28 April
and 19-23 June 

Jitesh Gadher

Substantive notice


16-17, 19, 22-26 May and
30 May-2 June

Manish Patel

Substantive notice

Su22-26 May

Mohammed Zada

Substantive notice 

24 May

Mary Docherty

Sub Review notice


5 -23 June 

Gobind Dubb

Substantive Notice

5 June

Robert Fyfe

2nd IOR notice

14 June 

Sean Hughes

3rd IOR notice

19-23 June

Martyn Stewart

Substantive notice 

29 June 

Aisha Hussain

3rd IOR notice


4 July

Ross Hutcheson

Sub Review notice

17-25 July

Donald Lydon

Substantive notice


11-18, 21-22 & 24-25 Aug

Suleman Patel

Substantive notice (resuming)

29 Aug - 6 Sept

Anand Thakrar

Substantive notice