Future hearings

The majority of our public and private hearings are no longer being held at our London office. Where possible, we will hold remote virtual hearings either by teleconference, video-link or on the papers.

Rule 25(1) requires that substantive hearings must be held in public. To fulfil this, we will provide a dial-in link to our virtual public hearings in order that interested parties can attend.

The way in which hearing dates are set is described in the GOC Guidance for Case Management Meetings.

Dates of future hearings

Information on future hearings will available at least a month in advance, where available. 


May 2024


23-31 May Sally Hilton Substantive notice
June 2024


3-14 June Naseem Suleman Substantive notice
3-14 June  Sohaib Safdar Substantive notice
10 June Arif Ali 2nd IO Review notice
24 June  Raees Ishtiaq 1st IO Review notice
27 June Sapna Dave 2nd IO Review notice
July 2024


1 July  Andrew Oliver 1st IO Review notice
2-12 July  Priyal Patel Substantive notice
8 July  Hasmita Shah 1st IO Review notice
8-12 July Emma Turner Substantive notice