How to attend a hearing

The majority of our hearings are held in public and in certain instances, part or all of a case may be heard in private. All hearings will be carried out by our independent Hearings Panel.

Hearings venue

Hearings take place at the offices of the General Optical Council, 10 Old Bailey, London, EC4M 7NG. To help you become familiar with the environment and what to expect, we have created a 360° virtual tour. The tour includes real images of our main hearings venue and audio or text descriptions.

We also hold remote virtual hearings either by teleconference, video-link or on the papers.

Attendees should liaise with us to confirm the mode of hearing and what measurements have been put in place.

Get in touch

Rule 25(1) requires that substantive hearings must be held in public. Should you wish to observe any of our public hearings please contact the hearings team who will notify you whether the hearing is planned to take place in person or via a remote virtual link at