Standards for optical businesses

3.1 Your staff are able to exercise their professional judgement

Why is this Standard necessary?

It is important for staff to be able to exercise their professional judgement in fulfilling their duties to patients, and to meet the expectations of their professional regulator.

This relies on staff being empowered to take into consideration what is best for patients and doing so with their interests and circumstances in mind. They should be in a position to do so without being subject to unreasonable external influence or pressure.

To achieve this, your business:

  1. Promotes awareness and understanding of the Standards of Practice for Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians, Standards for Optical Students and Standards for Optical Businesses to staff;

    Read the standards of practice for:

  2. Supports its staff to have the confidence to make decisions appropriate to their role;
  3. Makes sure that operational and commercial pressures do not unreasonably inhibit the exercise of professional judgement;
  4. Allows staff sufficient time, so far as possible, to accommodate patients’ individual needs within the provision of care;
  5. Encourages staff to seek advice on making difficult decisions if they need to, and lets them know with whom they can do this;
  6. Ensures that any changes to prescribed products are clinically justified, and staff are able to apply professional judgement when deciding if a change to the prescribed product is right for individual patients.