Standards for optical students

11. Ensure a safe environment for your patients

  1. Ensure that a safe environment is provided to deliver care to your patients, and take appropriate action if this is not the case (see standard 10), by raising your concerns with your training provider. In particular:
    1. Be aware of and comply with health and safety legislation.
    2. Ensure that the environment and equipment that you use is hygienic.
    3. Ensure that equipment that you use has been appropriately maintained.
    4. Follow the regulations on substances hazardous to health.
    5. Dispose of controlled, clinical and offensive materials in an appropriate manner.
    6. Minimise the risk of infection by following appropriate infection controls including hand hygiene.
  2. In an emergency, take appropriate action to provide care, taking into account your competence and other available options. You must:
    1. Use your professional judgement to assess the urgency of the situation.
    2. Provide any care that is within your scope of training which will provide benefit for the patient.
    3. Make your best efforts to refer or signpost the patient to a healthcare professional or source of care where appropriate.