Standards for optometrists and dispensing opticians

1. Listen to patients and ensure they are at the heart of the decisions made about their care.

  1. Give patients your full attention and allow sufficient time to deal properly with their needs.
  2. Listen to patients and take account of their views, preferences and concerns, responding honestly and appropriately to their questions.
  3. Assist patients in exercising their rights and making informed decisions about their care. Respect the choices they make.
  4. Treat patients as individuals and respect their dignity and privacy. This includes a patient’s right to confidentiality.
  5. Where possible, modify your care and treatment based on your patient’s needs and preferences without compromising their safety.
  6. Consider all information provided by your patients, including where they have undertaken research in advance of the consultation. Explain clearly if the information is not valid or relevant.
  7. Encourage patients to ask questions and take an active part in the decisions made about their treatment, prescription and aftercare.
  8. Support patients in caring for themselves, including giving advice on the effects of life choices and lifestyle on their health and well-being and supporting them in making lifestyle changes where appropriate.