Standards for optometrists and dispensing opticians

2. Communicate effectively with your patients

  1. Give patients information in a way they can understand. Use your professional judgement to adapt your language and communication approach as appropriate.
  2. Patients should know in advance what to expect from the consultation and have the opportunity to ask questions or change their mind before proceeding.
  3. Be alert to unspoken signals which could indicate a patient’s lack of understanding, discomfort or lack of consent.
  4. Ensure that the people you are responsible for are able to communicate effectively with patients and their carers, colleagues and others.
  5. Ensure that patients or their carers have all the information they need to safely use, administer or look after any optical devices, drugs or other treatment that they have been prescribed or directed to use in order to manage their eye conditions. This includes being actively shown how to use any of the above.
  6. Be sensitive and supportive when dealing with relatives or other people close to the patient.