Core competencies

To gain a qualification in optometry, dispensing optics, contact lenses or independent prescribing, students and trainees on GOC-approved programmes must demonstrate that they are proficient in the core competencies. 

There are core competencies in four areas of practise:

  • Optometry;
  • Dispensing optics;
  • Contact lenses (for dispensing opticians); and
  • Independent prescribing (for optometrists).

New education and training requirements

In February 2021, our Council approved new education and training requirements for GOC approved qualifications leading to registration as a dispensing optician or optometrist. The new requirements consist of: 

  • Outcomes for Registration
  • Standards for Approved Qualifications
  • Quality Assurance and Enhancement Method

They now replace the current Education Quality Assurance Handbooks for optometry (2015) and ophthalmic dispensing (2011) and will ensure that all dispensing opticians and optometrists are equipped to deliver eye-care services in a rapidly changing landscape and meet the needs of patients in the future.